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When the business was founded back in 2004, Helen had an exciting vision to provide financial advice with no focus on the product. You may say is that all, but at the time it was revolutionary for a sales based advice industry. Today we pride ourselves in being straight talking dynamic financial planners based in central London.

Why Us

Equanimity means “balance” and that’s exactly what we bring to your finances. We adopt a holistic approach to financial advice recognising that a change in one area will impact on others. So while you may come to us for specific advice on say a pension, investment or mortgage, we will always take time to look at your bigger financial picture. This reflects Equanimity’s core philosophy – to always do the right thing.

What are our fees

Equanimity IFA operates a transparent fee structure. Following an initial consultation where we talk through your circumstances, we will confirm our costs to you. When investing money, we charge 1% of the sums involved. For providing ongoing advice services, we charge up to 1% per annum. Financial Planning is charged for separately based on the complexity of your finances.